Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Angus Steak House

#04-25, Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238872
Tel: 67356015

Marking its tenth year in Singapore, this restaurant long been overlooked by many. Located on the 4th floor, a table by the window offers a wonderful dining experience with a view. This place offers a retreat where you can watch the hassle and bustle of orchard road from a distance in a wonderful air-conditioned room. The white walls can seem rather imposing, but there is nothing hoity-toity about the place. On the contrary, it is more of a family restaurant that was packed with Japanese families on the weekends, bringing a cozy breeze to the room.

Headed by Masahiro Nakabayashi, it is no surprise that the menu has taken on a Japanese accent and the cliental is predominately Japanese. Culturally rooted, Naka-san as he is more affectionately called, is reserved without and airs -- waits on the tables and will be ready to explain the menu to the Japanese clients. The small Japanese touches makes differentiates this steak house from the others. The charcoal grilled wagyu steak with their signature sauce is piece of meat heaven on a plate – velvety, rich, smooth, and a gentle perfume that will linger on. The meat on its own is fantastic, but with a splash of the tangy and salty sauce, it allows the meat to dance on your tongue and then melt away.

Besides serving the house specialty of charcoal grilled steaks, there is an impressive list of Spaghetti á la Angus House. The long list spots unique the “Japanese adaptations” such as spaghetti with Pollack roe and mushroom, pickled plum with beefsteak plant, cuttlefish and sea urchin, salmon roe and crabmeat, and if you like sea treasures the spaghetti with abalone and sea-urchin might just be your thing.

The dinners are good value for money, pasta dinners are priced at S$28 +++ and steak or seafood dinners start from S$35 +++ onwards, depending on the cut and type of beef or seafood. One can have a grilled lobster, mixed grilled seafood, various cuts of meat, or if your wallet permits, the melt in your mouth wagyu beef. My dinner started with a warm crusty bread roll with butter followed by the hors d’oeurve of the day -- cod fish with a red pepper sauce served on a potato nest, and the soup of the day. I do highly recommend the consommé – clear and earthy broth that spot a shaving of black truffles. Perfectly clear, the earthy taste of the consommé was clean and crisp, with depth and was elegantly complimented and heightened by the truffle. The salad is then served as palate cleanser before the main course of pasta or your steak. Already feeling full from the first few courses, we are served a dessert plate of tiramisu and walnut cheesecake. Both the cakes are wonderfully light, the cheesecake is the Japanese type cheesecake which is lighter than the American-styled cheese cake. I was pleasantly surprised when the fork entered my mouth – a cold, creamy and airy sensation, the tiramisu was cloudlike, making it easier on my already rather full stomach because I kept repeatedly whispered to myself, “just one last bite of the this gorgeous tiramisu, one last bite”, but I finished it.

I can’t believe I walked pass this place for 10 years without even glancing at the menu. I’m going back for the uni pasta, which I anticipate, will not disappoint.

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Anonymous ST said...

This must be the only resturant in Taka that I have not been to. The food looks good. Time to correct that omission and pay the resturant a visit. Thanks for the review.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Cindy Fredericka said...

Thks for review. I've never tried this rest b4. Always walk pass though. I always had this impression that it'd cost a bomb. Thot I'd be kick back by $80-$100 per pax. Ok. Shall try it next time.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Daniel Yap said...

Joone! Don't ask how I found your page. Don't ask how I feel looking at a myriad food dishes having ben away from home for more than 2 years.

Nice site - I'll be back for some food soon. :)

11:23 PM  
Blogger deltaunit said...

Miss June, can you please review some cheap local fares? Most of the food you reviewed are too expensive for me...

12:43 PM  
Blogger joone! said...

st and cindy: you are welcome! I can't wait to go back to try to uni pasta. let me know what you think of the place.

Daniel: hey! Hard to believe you found me while you are still working on the ship. See you in Singapore soon!

deltaunit: Haha. I'll think of some where to bring you and we'll go together

9:11 AM  
Blogger Sting said...

My wife used to work there and we went back there during our dating days. The food, ambience and staff all fantastic. Its a dining experience like no other. We still go back there for our anniversary

Redefine the meaning of good steak.

10:57 AM  

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