Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cook to feed yourself and let the people come

The Screening Room
12 Ann Siang Road
Tel: 6221-1694

I was part of the eating party that was hosted by the Screening Room, and to be honest I was very pleasantly surprised.

The food, I like very much. It was straightforward good tasting food. There were no foams, no jellies, no freeze blasted dehydrated ingredients, just good tasting well seasoned food.

This is a gastro-bar with a personality.

The philosophy behind the menu that is designed by Wayne Nish is simple: I cook for myself, this is what I like to eat and this is how my food soul is satisfied. Because of that I can sense a level of confidence and sincerity in the food that was served on the table.

His food is hard not to like. His raw plate, his own interpretation of sushi were a series of flavours that popped in your mouth and his steak, cooked the way he likes it, is something magnificent to chew on. And the cheese platter, a small but carefully selected and air freighted is thoughtful and a celebration of the art of cheese. For more details on the meal, read the other accounts here, here and here.

*All photo credits go to ivn, I shamelessly took his photos, thanks :) .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love that second picture. beautiful *and* self-reflexive!

6:17 AM  
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