Monday, October 27, 2008

The sushi relationship

100 Orchard Road, #03-25
Lobby Level, Le Meridien Singapour

If I’ve learnt anything over the years of eating sushi is that sushi eating is an intimate relationship that you have to cultivate.

I don’t have any qualms about trying a new sushi restaurant but sometimes it is just easier to go to a place where the people know who you are, what you love and what you hate and are willing to accommodate you on the occasional unreasonable request. What more with sushi, where raw fish and strange and unknown ingredients are placed before. I feel that there must be a certain level of trust involved between me and the man behind the glass coffins of pristine fresh fish.

I have had the good fortune of meeting and building good relations with a couple of sushi chefs that have always taken good care about me. I have an annual date with Nogawa and after a few return visits I’ve developed a friendship with Chef Kelvin who works the counter. A friendly face and sweetness in character that comes through his food he has been good in feeding me.

Chef Kelvin has fed me well.

Thank you, it was yum.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

how much did it cost to be well fed?

7:00 PM  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i suppose money shouldn b a problem when involved in an intimate relationship rite?

agree abt going back to the places u trust..

8:19 AM  

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