Friday, February 23, 2007

My Dining Room

My Dining Room
81 Club Street
Tel: 6327-4990

There are some places that I think are slightly underrated in Singapore and it would take someone to say something good about it to someone for that someone to tell someone else for them to tell someone else that might get people to visit or to talk more about it. For My Dining Room, let me try to get the ball rolling. I recently attended a private dinner at My Dining Room and for that night the third floor of the building was our dining room. For our private function, we had the entire third floor that was comfortably furnished with a cushy couch that was great to lounge around for aperitifs and to slouch against for digestives.

Whilst the food was generally closely linked with chef Vincent Teng, he has left and is now the executive chef of Scarlet Hotel. Nonetheless, the food served that night still had its moments of greatness. There was nothing too extraordinary, but it delivered what it promised on the menu and it was cooked with accuracy with no surprises.

The Menu

Freshly shucked oysters three-ways: hollandaise sauce, shooter and ume jelly
Neptune cocktail: tiger prawn with tuna and squid served with avocado and homemade sauce Seared goose foie gras served on brioche with exotic fresh fruits and balsamico jelly
Blood orange sorbet
Fillet of chateaubriand with potato gratin, foie gras butter and veal jus
Cheese platter
Signature warm chocolate cake with callebaut chocolate & rum lava with hazelnut ice cream

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My favourite? The oysters, they were fresh and fun. Starting with the a plump oyster topped with a sweet Japanese plum jelly and then moving on to shoot back a bright yuzu marinated oyster and feeling the sensation of the oyster sliding down my throat and then finally biting into an oyster that is topped with a warm and rich but not overwhelming hollandaise.

My other dining companions favoured the seared foie gras, which was well cooked with a preserved creamy centre. Understandably so, my only greedy complain is that the piece was too small and I was craving for seconds.

My Dining Room is currently nestled along the row of shophouses at Club Street but will be moving when their lease is up at the end of March. It is undecided where they are relocating to, so indulge whilst it last … and we hope to see them again.

* See the whole set of photos here .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, great to know of such a gem in Singapore. There are no price stated in the website. Just for information, how much was your private dinner for the extensive list of food items that you had? Am planning a farewell party for a close friend and am looking at nice restaurants like this.

12:40 AM  
Blogger joone! said...

Our dinner was priced at $108+++ without wines.

3:07 PM  
Blogger hinata said...

ooh remember going there for their weekday set lunches, thinking it was very good for the price, and planning to visit more often... somehow never ended up going back but will try again now.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:26 PM  

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