Tuesday, October 11, 2005

One Year Later, Without Much Changes

While archiving my blogs, (I try my best to be organized, and I’m still a little lost with technocrati, so I do it in a very troublesome manner), I realized that it has been a year since I first started food blogging. To celebrate my one year anniversary, I returned to the restaurant I first blogged about, but to be perfectly honest, there is not real sentimental or symbolic meaning, the main reason I went back to Sin Huat is simple: I sitting at the computer and while re-reading my post on Sin Huat, reminiscing about that scrumptious dinner and then I started craving for some of that smoky, garlicky and roe enriched crab bee hoon that Chef Danny serves up in, arguably the most expensive kopitiam in Singapore.

Here I am, one year later - after 175 blog entries later, a mention in the digital times and one fantastic luncheon with the Singapore food bloggers - still with my camera, which has chosen to die on me (and so I now have to use a mobile phone), and my longsuffering family and friends who have patiently waited for me to “snap” before we all get to tuck in. Other than that, nothing much has changed, the food is still sensational.

I think Chef Danny can be our “Naked Chef”. The cooking philosophy here is very plain and simple – focused on food -- no fancy china, no silver, no air conditioning, no white table cloths, no valet (in fact parking can be quite a hassle) and no dress code.

Instead of going for the full monty, our dinner this time around was more restrained. We started off with the stir-fried vegetables, which still a radiant green, crunchy and dressed with garlic and a little soy based sauce. Following, we had the steamed squid, that was sweet and not rubbery (reminded me of the squid I had at Valentino), with a garlic sauce and its natural juices. Shortly after, the garoupa which was just swimming in one of the Danny’s tanks was served, and you can certainly taste the freshness of the fish. Steaming the whole fish on the bone sealed in all the sweet juices which were subtle and brought to life by the salty sauce it was served on. Finally, the piece de resistance, the moment I was dreaming about, the crab bee hoon. The plate arrived and so did the intoxicating smell of the dish, it smelt like the breath of the wok. The crab were a beautiful couple, one packed full of roe, and the other was a large male with pincers that when cracked opened could have been eaten like a crab lollipop. I dived in and started eating with my hands, picking at the meat, licking my fingers, and eventually I ditched the chopsticks and started eating the bee hoon with my hands as well. (Without the prompting of a white table cloth, I threw out my manners as well). Pardon my manners, but it was one damn fine finger-licking meal.

Sin Huat Eating House
659-661 Geylang Road Lorong 35 Junction
Singapore 389589
Tel: 6744-9755


Blogger Amanduh said...

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! Was Sin Huat your first blog post? How interestingggg!

11:48 PM  
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