Tuesday, September 13, 2005


20 Sixth Ave
Tel: 6462-5608

We have the expensive slightly expensive Thai restaurants such as Patara and Sup-sip, and we have the food court type which is a little of a hassle: having to jostle for a table and lining up with the tray whilst trying to stay out of the general crowds’ way. Then we had Thai-Express which tried to fill up the space in between with their one dish-individualist concept of Asian fast food. I liked Thai Express at their first outlet; but things have changed since they have expanded, and so I haven’t gone back for a while. I have found an answer to this Thai food dilemma – good food with good prices.

Chiang Mai Noodles

Nosh: Popular Thai dishes where you can order, have your fill, and leave without feeling broke. We started with a mango salad, which was made to order and refreshing. As soon as your order goes through, you can see and hear the man behind the counter pounding away on his pestle and mortar, making your salad a la minute. Following our salad, we had an order of spring rolls, which were fried golden and crispy and served with the sweet, spice and sour sauce. We then had our rice with stir-fried sambal kang kong and an order of grilled pork. The grilled pork was succulent with a layer of fat that was both soft and sweet after being grilled. To finish off, we shared a bowl of chiang mai noodles, the gravy was neither too spicy nor too thick which made it wonderful to slurp; topped off with the crispy egg noodles that was a good textural contrast.

Pay: About S$10 a person

Service: “Thai-ish” – friendly and warm.


Blogger Unknown said...

great recommendation - can't wait to try it out

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thks for de recommendation. Gosh de pic of the Chiang Mai Noodle looks so good. Would love to try it. Is de rest along de stretch of shophouses (where de Brazilian meat rest is) opp Gutherie Hse?

Another Thai rest I enjoy visiting is First Thai Food at 23 Purvis Street Tel#6339-3123. They serve more home-style Thai dishes unlike de more commercialize ones. Minus pts: Only Cash paymt no credit card. It's non-air conditioned. When if you've not tried this rest b4 & need some recommendatn on de dishes U mux try. Let me know ya. Would be more than happy to share. :)

9:17 AM  
Blogger joone! said...

Cindy: yep it is just next to the the brazil churrascaria.

I'll be sure to fo to First Thai Food! What should I order?

5:51 PM  
Blogger Tym said...

I second the recommendation of First Thai. I've had the pad thai, olive rice and various curries, and none of them have ever failed. Also the fish cakes.

I tried E-Sarn when it first opened and wasn't too impressed. Maybe I will give it another try when I'm in the area...

Btw, another good place for cheap, no-frills Thai food is the food court at Meridien Shopping Centre.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi J, Dishes U shld try at First Thai :- 1) Tom Yum Soup (Big shrimps in it wif straw mushroom & loads of lemongrass, ginger strips, etc....in it)
2) Shrimp Paste Fried Rice & Carbmeat Fried Rice. I find de Olive Rice not dat fabulous.
3) Green Curry Chicken (it comes in pieces of chopped chicken like our homemade style curry)Unlike de typical ones U find nowadays which are boneless.
4)Prawn Cakes (ask for their homemade dip sauce with has coconut & cucumber in it, if it's not served wif de Prawn Cakes)
5)Pad Thai is gd. They have a Seafood Fried Kway Teow in dry version in a dark black sauce.Yummy
6)Papaya Salad is lovely! Mango salad is gd too.
7)Seafood Tang Hoon Salad is yums & darn spicy! Be careful it's de salad U want not de Stir Fry Tang Hoon
9) Drinks to try ($3): a)Thai Orange Juice (made fm Thai green mandarin oranges-very refreshing) b)Yoghurt drink (ask them not to make it too sweet) c) Bandung - U've got a choice of Red & Green Bandung!
8) Coconut Paradise ($4)(Mux try this dessert)

*I heard their Fried Fish with Thai Chilli sauce is gd.($25) Haf not tried dat thou, cux it comes in a whole fish. Their fried chicken is nice too.

9:40 AM  

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