Saturday, June 04, 2005

I went to Hanabi and Ate Till i Nearly Popped!

Hanabi Japanese Restaurant
559 Bukit Timah Road
#01-03, King's Arcade
Tel: 6465 5525

It is times like this that makes me feel like a glutton. We stormed into Hanabi, sat, ate and conquered (or maybe the restaurant conquered us). I usually don’t really like buffets, because people are always getting up and sitting down that it is rather disruptive if you are trying to have a conversation, sometimes the food you are chomping looks suspect and you end up eating way too much. Hanabi offers a buffet and a la carte, and the buffet is an a la carte buffet, where you order from a menu, so in my own rationalization, this doesn’t seem as bad. The food was pretty decent as well, everything that was suppose to be fresh was fresh and things that were suppose to be served hot were, the restaurant was fully packed and the waiters and waitresses almost looked harassed by the constant request for the green tea and water refills, but I had a good night out.

Nosh: We started off with sashimi and we polished off 2 servings in a matter of minutes, I love sashimi, and the sashimi was fresh and so I decided that I think I would just eat sashimi for the rest of the night. My sashimi plan then got derailed when I started picking at the other plates and I decided that I was going to have to eat more than I wanted to – tempura, handrolls, miso soup, zaru soba, sukiyaki, tonkastu, shisamo, grilled mackerel, chawamushi ... I ate them all. The food here is the basic Japanese staples that we are used to and they do it pretty well with a decent quality standard.

Pay: S$26 +++ for lunch and S$30 +++ for dinner. Reduced prices for children are available.

Rave: It is good value for money and I think because the restaurant is drawing a regular crowd, it keeps their food fresh.

Disappointed: We made a reservation for 8 and they wanted to put us at the sushi bar, if it was 2 of us, that would be ok, but it makes little sense to put 8 at the sushi bar, no?


Blogger bakin said...

i used to think Hanabi was great till i tried the ala carte buffet at Raku , Greenwood ave. at $60/-+++ it is worth every extra dollar .. try it, you will love it for the decor, service and beautiful diners (mostly)

1:45 AM  

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