Monday, May 16, 2005

Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant

39 Tai Thong Cresent
Singapore 347863
Tel: 62876341
(Closed on Mondays)

I think good food evokes emotions. I haven’t been to this restaurant for nearly two years, but once I took a step inside and the whiff of the herbal soup hit me, I remembered. I remembered coming here on many Saturdays as a family because my father loves a hot soup. The yam rice, the herbal soup, the eggs that burst in your mouth and blowing my nose after lunch because of the heat and herbs from the soup that would clear my nasal passage. Slurp and burp.

Nosh: Herbal Soups. Mainly Turtle soup or you could have a black chicken soup. If you never had turtle soup, it taste like chicken, but it is slightly tougher.

Pay: S$9-S$20, depending on what you want in your soup, spare parts, eggs, a larger or smaller bowl.

Don’t expect service here, it is efficient but not friendly. Slurp, burp and thank you very much is the tune that is being sung here. It’s the only turtle soup stall I know because this was the only place my parents brought me, but I shall have to check out makansutra and see where else is being raved about. Any suggestions?


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