Saturday, May 21, 2005

Operation Wedding: I don't think I can eat another sausage for a while

After a brief consultation with the couple, I decided to either go with a bangers and mash or maybe a sausage course, whatever it was, it was clear to me that they would like to have some sausages. I'm not a fan of sausages and I never ever have cravings forthem, and so when I decided that I had to taste sausages to find out what I wanted to use for the dinner, the thought made me sick, and I'm still feeling a little ill and thirsty from lunch. I made my way down to the Swiss butchery where it was bustling with activity. I pottered about, but I left my brother to make the decisions about the sausages because he is more a processed meat fan than I am. This is what I ended up tasting and consuming.

Cheese sausage
Veal Sausage
Nuernberger bratwurst
English Sausage
Pork Chipolatas

I CANNOT EAT ANOTHER SAUSAGE. (at least not for the next half year)

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