Friday, May 20, 2005

Jaan - The Room with the Food and the View

We probably stood out like sore thumbs in this fabulous room with a really weird ceiling that I didn’t understand and like. Maybe that’s why they decided to seat us at a corner so that no one would see us in our semi-formal; semi- casual weekend outfits against the power suits that seem to dominate the space. Nonetheless, we were happy being tucked away in one corner, to enjoy the view, the food and our own company.

I’ve heard great things about Jaan, and from everything I’ve read about it, it touts itself as a modern French, or more specifically, French with a Khmer or Cambodian influence. I spotted the influence in the mirror’s frame in the far corner, but other than that, I wished the waiters did a little more to explain the influence or that it would have been a little more evident, or am I just not getting it? Well, when I do go back for an a-la carte dinner or maybe the chef’s dinner menu, I shall ask to be educated. So on the the more important issue, this is what we ate.

Nosh: We had choices for each course, for an appetizer, I went for the scallop and salmon ceviche, and my partner had the ricotta and spinach ravioli with a tomato coulis and if memory does not fail me, it is a pea sauce. My ceviche was wonderful, clean and fresh flavours and the ravioli was pan fried and hence it was the tasty mush with the crispy skin was great against the red and green sauce.

For the entrée, there was a beef, fish and pasta option, we both had fish – red mullet with pumpkin, asparagus and a champagne sauce. The fish was great! It was seared nicely and the champagne sauce was creamy but not light and but what weighed in nicely was the even creamier and very smooth pumpkin that the fillets sat on.

I’m not a huge sugar, dessert person, I rather get high on caffeine from dark chocolates and coffee rather than on sugar, so after about half of my fromage blanc soufflé I thought I had hit my sugar limit for the week. We had the fromage blanc with a passionfruit ice cream, which was a little confusing, since the soufflé come looking more like a flan. It tasted like a soufflé but I rather have it towering rather than sprawling. Instead, the passionfruit ice cream looked like a soufflé and so I was a little confused for about a minute. Nonetheless, it was good. I liked the tartness in the passionfruit ice cream that balanced the sweet soufflé. And this dessert was chosen from a choice of a soufflé, crème brulée and a chocolate mousse with their fruity sidekicks.

Pay: S$30+++ for the set lunch. I sneaked a peak at the back of the menu and I think the chef’s menu is S$180+++ and I would say expect to pay about S$150 per person for a la carte.

Raves: It’s the room with the view and the food to match the great food. The service was also efficient and attentive. It was also really nice that since it is located on the 70th floor, when you enter on the first and check against their reservation list, they ensure that someone meets you at the lift, greets you by your reservation name and leads you to the restaurant. I liked my sneak preview, I’ll be back for more!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi june, just discovered your blog recently, and went through your entire archives in one day! have been enjoying your entries thus far!


1:03 PM  
Blogger M. said...

i thought the souffle was a flan too! so i'm not alone or weird :)

i'll love to go back to have a looong dinner and enjoy the fantastic view!

9:46 AM  
Blogger joone! said...

hee hee. Yeah! i really thought that they either served me the wrong thing or that the ice cream was the souffle!

10:50 AM  

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