Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Moomba - A Little Down Under

The Moomba
52 Circula Road
Tel: 6438 0141

Moomba (according to the write up in the menu) it means “let’s getting together and have fun”, which I guess is what the restaurant was going for, a nice social eating place. I think to a certain extent they have succeeded, they’ve got a pretty nice private function room upstairs which I had a little peek at while on my way to the bathroom (so maybe not so private anymore). Other than that, it has expanded where it now has Moomba the restaurant, the Moomba tuckshop and the Moomba wine cellar, all located around the same area, and it has been around for 8 years, so I guess it must be a place to Moomba.

Kangaroo Meat

Australian cuisine is what this place seems to serve, and I guess you can’t really define Australian cuisine, since all the Australians will tell you that they have great food due to the freshness of their food, so what is it really? Australian Cuisine = Fresh food? Well, according to this restaurant, it is about marrying the many flavors that has influenced their food – their fresh foods, Asian flavours, Aboriginal Flavours and I guess for lack of a better term, “Western” flavours. We joked around the table about what we were going to have or what this place should serve, perhaps a koala spit roast served on a branch, but that seemed a little too morbid and cruel. Instead, they have normal food like ceasar salad, salad with figs and blue cheese, foie gras, squid cakes, and a list of vegetarian such as Portobello mushrooms and tomato risotto which you can have either as a starter or a main. Starters average at around S$16 and the vegetarian main courses at S$25. They have a decent selection of meats as well – Pork loin, Sea Bass and of course cuts of steak that cook on a BBQ.

I had the foie gras that was served on daikon with braised koroubuta pork and Japanese hot mustard followed by Kangaroo loin with white truffle infused apple soy sauce with sweet peas and a wasabi potato mash. I HAD TO TRY THE KANGAROO, I mean, it is after all something that isn’t on all restaurant menus. The verdict? Foie gras, good, but everything on the dish was salty, so I think they could have improved it by having something that was contrasting in taste, because after a while everything just tasted salty. The kangaroo meat was gamey to say the least. It looked like duck but didn’t taste anything like duck, it was a little tough and too chewy, all in all, I don’t think I liked it, so I did justice to the kangaroo, I’ve tried it, but it’s not my kind of thing. The desserts looked pretty good, they have a chocolate tart, a cheese board, strawberries with mascarpone and sticky date pudding, but I was too full to put anything else in my mouth, so I passed. Dinner averages at about S$50-S$60 a person for about two courses so its kind of pricey, and I’m not sure if I’ll come back, it was a pleasant experience, but I think there might other places that I will prioritise.


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