Thursday, December 23, 2004

Soup Restaurant: Singapore’s National Heritage Trail

Perhaps I will consider writing to the Ministry of Education of Singapore to tell them that for a taste of Singapore and to spice things up for National Education, they should send us students to Soup Restaurant. That way, the students and the educators will be happy and you can learn about the hardship of the Samsui women that were instrumental in our history and also about the type of food they ate, why they ate them due to their circumstances and such. It’s a stretch, but at least we might remember more and be less cynical about the whole affair.

Samsui Chicken

So this is what the restaurant is built on: serving the best dishes of the yesteryears and as the restaurant name suggests -- soup. They have a number of soups that you can have here which range from the types would improve your blood circulation, insomia, illness, clear your lungs and such. Along with that, there are things to remind you of our humbler beginnings, such as sweet potato leaves stir fried, samsui chicken, beggar tofu, beggar pork ribs. The menu should have enough to please everyone. I like the Teochew olive rice here but if you are on a tighter budget just have plain white rice. Soups are priced between S$6-S$10 and the dishes are pretty reasonably priced, like the Samsui chicken is only S$13. My small family of four had lunch here today, but my brother went on an ordering rampage and so lunch cost us S$93.85 inclusive of towels, peanuts, tax and service charge, but this is what we had:

Dried Scallop and Black Chicken Soup
Samsui Chicken
Beggar Pork Rib
Steam Lapan Fish (it’s a fresh water fish)
Beggar Bowl Tofu
Fried Penang Mee Suah
Ah Kong Fan Shu Leaves (Sweet potato)

So, all hail our Samsui women who have built Singapore and given us good food.


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