Saturday, December 04, 2004

Peach Garden -- Modern Cantonese

Peach Garden
273 Thomson Road
#01-06, Novena Garden
Singapore 3076444
Tel: 62543383

This place is a little pricey where we had dinner for 4 for S$95 (after discount), but you get a 10% discount with UOB, Citibank or DBS credit cards which might give you an added incentive to come here. The food here is good and I enjoyed every thing that we had tonight.

Wasabi Prawn Salad

This is what we had – half a roasted goose, wasabi prawn salad, milk fried perch, homemade tofu with spinach and roasted pork. The roasted pork was interesting since when we think about char siew we often think about the roasted red pieces of meat but here they serve them by pieces (S$6 each) that are sliced into cubes and with condiments of Dijon mustard and peanuts. What’s great about it that makes it one of their house specialties is that it has a really crispy skin but the meat is still really succulent and juicy. The prawns were also interesting, they were served with a wasabi infused mayonnaise and topped with normal and wasabi fish roe. I like this very much because the dish is carefully thought out and it’s got good details. Firstly, the wasabi roe highlights the wasabi in the mayonnaise, secondly, it is sprinkled with sweet strawberry and mango bits which people are likely to ignore if you go straight to the prawns, but when taken together, the sweetness from the fruits highlights the taste of the wasabi prawns. Excellent place! It is rather small in capacity, so either go early and promise to eat fast so they can turn the table over before the reservation group comes in, or make a reservation.


Blogger hwees said...

hey, am surfing the net for a place with good food, nice ambience and reasonable prices for a wedding dinner. Think Peach Garden fits the bill? thanks!!

11:57 PM  
Blogger Choonbee said...

I just had lunch @ Peach Garden Novena and had a disappointing experience. Food is so-so, they only had 30% occupied tables but service was very bad. Had to wave most of the time to get attention. Has their standard drop?

4:31 PM  

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