Saturday, November 27, 2004

Yogi Hub: Natural.Organic.Healthy Living

Yogi Hub
1 Boon Tat Street
#01-01, Singapore 069511
Tel: 62204344

Dried Mushroom Noodles

I have found a place where I would go to after a night of drinking and getting completely sloshed. This place sells organic food products and they serve up some organic vegetarian dishes which were rather interesting. I had the dried mushroom noodles which were only S$6. Mix everything up and start slurping your noodles, its pretty good, and it might cure your misconception of organic vegetarian food tasting like cardboard. Other things that they have here are gado-gado, a vegetarian pasta, fried rice and the salad that we tried was rather tasty too. Nothing is above S$10, and if anything, you’ll feel like for once you didn’t abuse but respected your body and gave it good food. Although, I don’t think I could survive as an organic vegetarian, but this would be my detox place after those days of just having too much of anything.


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