Saturday, October 30, 2004

Salt the default.

Salt Restaurant
94 Amoy Street
Singapore 069914
Tel: 62231266

I was pretty excited about our visit to Salt today. The last time we went there was about a year ago and we had the degustation menu for S$55+++, which I thought was really good value for money, because they serve you 5 courses and I remember it being impressive for that amount of money. Another upside of the restaurant is that corkage is S$15, which is rather ok for Singapore standard and service is efficient.

However, this return visit has been disappointing and so there will be no further return trips to this restaurant. Firstly, the degustation is now S$65+++ and so we decided to try going á la carte today. The menu is rather small and nothing has changed since we last went there. I would expect an addition or two or a change in menu considering that there have been a mushrooming of modern French cum fusion restaurants.

I elected to go with two appetizers as the entrées didn’t really shout out to me. So I had the Pea soup with seared scallops and truffle oil. It sounds weird I know, but it was surprisingly good. The scallops were of a good texture and the pea soup had some grainy texture which was nice in comparison to really ultra ultra creamy smooth soups. Other appetizers that they serve are crab cakes with wasabi mayonnaise, grilled marugo(tuna) salad, pan-fried duck liver with caramelized pineapples and a port sauce.

Pea Soup with Seared Scallops and Truffle Oil

For my second course I had the duck liver, which in my opinion was a wiser choice than the veal cheeks, duck breast, Chilean seabass and lamb rump. I had a poke at the veal and the duck, I liked the duck, didn’t like the veal.

I don’t think it’s a bad restaurant, for one, it isn’t too expensive. We had dinner for 4 where we had two courses without dessert for S$160. However, I think where the restaurant has failed to live up to my expectations is that it has failed to re-invent itself or raise its own standards. They have a rather good warm valhorna chocolate cake here, but we concluded that we weren’t impressed with the two courses and decided to pass on dessert and to go somewhere else for a scoop of ice cream instead.

My advice: Go there if you have never been there, but it might not be worth a return visit.


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