Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Happy Cookie

The Christening of "The Happy Cookie"

I’ve baked these nameless cookies close to 20 times and every time I give it to someone new, they like it and it brings a little smile. I once baked a massive batch for a group of 50 who were coming to visit this ship I was working on, so I guess if it could make that many happy, it deserves a name. Furthermore, since I’m marking the finished work of this massive assignment that I have been toiling on over 4 weeks, I have decided to name this cookie the happy cookie. I never knew what to call it. It was usually simply referred to it as my chocolate and vanilla cookie or the half-black-half-white cookie.

Happiness on a cookie cooling rack

However since it’s been such a hit, maybe I should keep this little recipe a secret. (Plus I’m a little lazy to type out all the ingredients and the directions, its just too much work after all I have done.)


Anonymous Impressed said...

Hi Joone, very impressed. please share your recipe for happy cookie. would love to bake them for xmas presents.. any other good ideas for food presents. thanks a million !

5:51 PM  
Blogger joone! said...

sure. email me, and i'll email you the recipe

3:29 PM  

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