Friday, February 22, 2013

Gogyo - Black Burnt Gold

Gogyo specialises in kogashi (burnt) miso and shoyu soup... where (you watch) the cooks literally set the soup on fire and a black soup is created. This came recommended (thanks JJ!) and his description of it was – it taste like liquid BBQ. Well, as bizarre as it sounds and it sounded to me, my bowl of kogashi miso ramen really did taste like BBQ, liquid yakiniku. As burnt black as it looks, don’t judge it by its first impressions. Firstly don’t be deceived by the lack of steam, the broth is burning hot but the oil is concealing and retaining the heat. Secondly, the flavours are awesome because the burnt flavour isn’t overpowering, instead it comes together with the broth and just gives it an added kickass charred flavour that I have never ever had with any other bowl of ramen.

I’d admit, this is probably not very good for you but it will taste very good to you.

1-4-36 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku;
Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-(03) 5775-5566

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