Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yardbird - chicken & rice

Back at Yardbird and feeling the same about this place. Love the idea, love the space, love the set up. I’m still not too hot about the yakitori but discovering gems in the non-yakitori section of the menu. The scotch egg was a surprisingly good but I have a genuine weakness for runny egg yolks so this had half my vote even before I tasted it. The discovery of this meal, however, was the Chicken & Rice and his interpretation is whimsical and delicious. In this dish, chicken is actually rice stirred in chicken fat and stock and topped with twice fried chicken skin, and a 62 degree cooked egg. Break the yolk and it coats the rice to give it a layer of richness and the skin is a crisp indulgence. And there are also some peas for greens and a balanced meal.

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