Saturday, June 09, 2012

Artichoke - Moorish Singapore Boy

One of my go-to brunch places in recent times is Artichoke.

At Artichoke, the menu is Moorish and the chef, Bjorn Shen, is a local boy (yes!). The mainstay on the brunch menu and what I am always inclined to order is the lamb shakshuka – a delicious mix up of tomato, braised lamb shanks, onions and runny eggs. And just to push it over the edge it is topped yoghurt cheese for some tang and sprinkling of dukka. But if you aren’t too big on that and insist on your good old egg goodness brunch, there are egg choices but at least embrace their take on it and have it with the haloumi.


So brunch is good. In my dinner visit, I’ve also found other good things. Their dips – carrot and hummus were outstanding. Their maple glazed bacon chop, a dish that is hard to say no to, was fantastic the first time I had it at brunch but only good the next time I had it at dinner where it was served with some obligatory green peas to calm the conscience. And if lamb is your thing, with some pre-planning they can arrange and promise a “lambgasam” – which I personally haven’t tried. As a contrast to that, oddly, one of the standouts memories of the food I had there was a salad - the forgotten grain salad consisting of quinoa, bulgar, wild rice, currents and various nuts and seeds, refreshing and delicious. Never underestimate the important of sides.

I go back to Artichoke because food is honest, brassy and maybe a little brash. Other than the food, my other reason is his support of the use of local produce and the fact that he is our very own “local produce”.

161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square
Singapore 188978
Tel: 6336 6949


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