Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ah Niang Mian

阿娘面 - 黄鱼面+蟹粉 … “Go to Ah Niang Mian and order the yellow croaker noodles and a side serving of crab roe”was the foodie tip that was given to us for eating outing in Shanghai that I shall pass along

Ah Niang Mian
36 Sinan Lu, (near Nanchang Lu)

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My name is Jenna Moore, and I am the photo editor for Four Seasons Magazine. I am currently sourcing imagery for a story on the Best Noodles in China, and the story features Ah Niang Mian. Your images here are BEAUTIFUL. With proper credit, may I have permission to post one of your images in a gallery to go along with the article that will be published on Please e-mail me asap at

Thank you!

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