Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peperoni – Sometimes size matters

Possibly the largest pizza size available in Singapore, the family size XXXL at Peperoni is funny and gluttonous if consumed by one but reasonable value and tasty for a whole family. Going there is a family occasion. There is something really delightful about having a pizza with a diameter comparable to the length of my arm arrive at the table. Maybe it is the thought that I can eat in a guiltless manner because of the appearance abundance or lack of deprivation of another if I ate more than 5 of the irregular squares of pizza that have been zigzagged across the pizza. Whatever it is…crisp wood fired pizza alone is hard to resist. And in this case, I’m in favour, super-size mine.

Peperoni Pizzeria
6 Greenwood Avenue
Tel: 6465 6556


Blogger ellennn said...

Mmmm...your description makes that sound soooo appealing :) maybe after i go back to singapore (and haven't yet gotten sick of italy's pizzas) i'll go check that place out! :)

12:56 AM  
Blogger eatingsumo said...

i love peperonis. doesn't hurt that it's conveniently located next to lana cake - killing 2 birds with 1 stone :)

11:11 PM  

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