Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Move over salted caramel ... hello salted gelato!

It started in France and it slowly took the world by storm, the salted caramel is now everywhere.

The truth is a little salt on sweet can go a long way, season to taste. So here's a new sweet salty sweet from Japan that I found in the recent Isetan Japanese Food Fair (runs till 6 May 2010) - Natural Salt Gelato that I found whilst wandering through the supermarkets and absolutely adore! Move over salted caramel, make space for the salted gelato!


Blogger Jer Lin said...

i'll make a trip down to give it a try! :D

3:29 PM  
Blogger ellennn said...

yay you updated! :D too bad i can't get anything like that over hereee

7:42 AM  
Anonymous lj said...

V interesting..Saltey gelato. hehehe

10:01 AM  

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