Monday, January 08, 2007

A House of Friends, Family, Food & A Dog

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI have interesting friends. Actually, in this case they are family. This is one example: about 14 months ago, I was named a godmother of a dog and so today I am a proud godmother of this cocker spaniel called Simba.

Being a godmother to a dog bears certain responsibilities, such as attending its first birthday party and singing a birthday song to it. Me, along group of close knit friends gathered at Simba’s home last November to celebrate Simba’s birthday, complete with party hats, cake and all and this was the account as recorded by its proud owners:

“Everyone said it was a crazy idea but were drawn to the (dog birthday) party with keen interest. Simba was blessed with a bombardment of wonderful gifts. From a 'punching bag' toy, newspaper roll, brownies to yummy snacks from her uncles and aunties (Thank you everyone). She may not know that it was her birthday but probably knew it was her lucky day as the presents and delicious snacks flowed in like champagne on a pyramid of glasses.

Her dinner started with lamb balls as appetizers, main course was a delicious chicken pie and dinner was finished off with a slice of her birthday cake. We felt her tummy after she consumed all that, it was as hard as rock. I’m not looking forward to her disposals this morning though.

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Her birthday song was the funniest thing of the night. Everyone started singing the first two lines loudly but slowly as people realised they were singing to a dog, less and less voices could be heard. That was then I realised that everyone who came really actually came as they loved us and our peculiar interests. As a normal person would think a birthday party for a dog is a weird idea. Therefore, our conclusion is that firstly, our friends love and care for us a lot to do silly things for us. (Cross-reference to wearing green on our wedding day). Secondly, people will find any reason to gather for a good time. Thirdly, I do believe that everyone has a place for this wonderful dog in their hearts (ok maybe not all).

All in all, it was a good time for catching up for everyone. It was a fantastic time for a dog brought into this world approximately one year ago. I wonder who would be looking forward to next year more, the humans or the human-like dog?”

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But I really detract. What I really wanted to blog about is this Sukiyaki dinner that we had in this same house, but only this time we were celebrating our friend K’s birthday (human). It was a small intimate gathering of six of us around a square table and a hot pot in the centre, although ideally the table should be round. Nonetheless, it was a great evening of celebrating friendship, a dear friend, and of course some wonderful thin slices of tenderloin beef and kurabuta pork collar.

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Our Sukiyaki evening, started off with rather “authentic” ingredients such as fresh eggs, cabbage, an assortment of mushrooms, tofu and thinly sliced meats, but as the brown savoury liquid started bubbling, the idea of sukiyaki slowly being distorted by when various foreign items such pork balls, frozen wontons and instant noodles were discreetly and not-so-discreetly slipped into the pot. Also note that even though there were only six of us, we had to have three different types of noodles in the pot because we could not agree. Noodle and sukiyaki puritan battles aside, nothing beat good food than having charming company and to share it with… and that I’m pleased to say happens frequently under this roof, with or without excuses such as a dog’s birthday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Could you tell me how you prepare for the sukiyaki? Would love to try it sometime soon!


9:40 PM  
Blogger joone! said...

hi chloe, would you like to email me and i'll email you the 'instructions' back.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Joyce Shalom said...

Hi Joone, I happened to dropped into ur blog and really like ur blog. It's fascinating! BTW, do you think u can also send me the recipe for sukiyaki? Thanks.

12:35 PM  

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