Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jade - Truely Precious

Jade Restaurant
The Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178
Tel: 6877 8188

After my last dinner outing to Club Chinois, I have been aching to try the other modern Chinese restaurants under the Tung Lok and it was the Jade I sought. Knowing that it was under the pilotage of Sam Leong, I knew I was in good hands for the night. I’m no real connoisseur of Cantonese food where the food draws most of its inspiration from, to tell you if he follows closely to the principles of Cantonese food, but I can tell you it is good, and I really like the interplay of flavours.

I dined like a frugal gourmet in this restaurant avoiding the lavish and opulent section of shark’s fins, abalone and other Chinese delicacies and still had a wonderful dinner prepared with finesse.

tofu mousse with black sesame dressing

Nosh: Modern Cantonese or Fusion Chinese. Tasting menus are available at both lunch and dinner, but I invented my own with some assistance from the service staff.

Instead of giving you a saucer with peanuts that you can spin around on the lazy susan, we were served an amuse bouche of deep fried wanton skin with peanuts and black vinegar. This was really good, crispy skin, tart vinegar, and creamy peanuts, it certainly woke my taste buds up.

Following which as an appetizer we had the wasabi prawns with mango. I have had this at another really fabulous Cantonese restaurant, but our prawns there was smothered in wasabi aioli which I thought was great, but the balance here was wonderful, there was enough wasabi aioli for it to be a flavour factor, but yet not strong enough to take away the natural flavours and texture of the prawn and the sweet mango.

For the meats we had a serving of crispy chicken with traditional soy sauce and grilled lamb chops. The crispy chicken was cooked with finesse with the paper crisp skin and the lamb was grilled till a nice tender medium, it was good food, but nothing too extra ordinary.

The grilled cod fish with the egg white sauce was really good. The light egg white drops were like clouds against the heavier ingredient of the two. The contrast in taste and textures made it close to a match-make in heaven.

The gentle homemade tofu with spinach and enoki mushrooms made up the greens for the night. Sitting on a platform of crunchy asparagus the soft tofu and other flavourful elements gave plain simple tofu a touch of elegance.

To fill our tummies, we had the wok fried mee sua which is a house specialty and meepok braised in xo sauce. The meepok that I had was simple but luxurious in its sauce.

For dessert we had the tofu mousse with black sesame dressing. It was pretty to look at and great to eat. Not to sweet and the ying yang flavours worked together well.

Pay: S$100 for what I had, but tasting menus for lunch are priced at S$38+++ and S$48+++, for dinner they are S$68+++ and S$88+++. If you are thinking of going on a shark’s fins and abalone diet, then I think you would definitely need to set aside a more.

Adore: The view. The green view that you get is great and the service is efficient and nothing like what you would get a normal Chinese restaurant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jooone. The food at Jade sounds delicious. Regarding the menu that you customised, is it $100/person? What's the minimum number people required for your menu? What's on their own tasting menu? Thanks.

1:46 AM  
Blogger joone! said...

Hey justin, I paid S$100 for two, the portions are designed for one, but we shared them anyway because we weren't huge eaters. No minimum, i just pick and chose from the a la carte. I can't remember what was on their tasting menu, sorry!

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for the info.

11:54 PM  

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