Monday, May 09, 2005

The Return of the Durian

If you have been driving around the city in Singapore, it’s hard not to notice and get distracted by the huge durian that has been placed just outside the entrance of Goodwood Park Hotel. Well, the durian is back, or rather the King is back. My grandpa used to buy loads of it and constantly fed me with it when it was in season that somehow when I grew a little older and could stage my own protest, I adopted an aversion to the fruit and the smell of it. However, recently, a friend of mine bought us a box of these durian crumble that Goodwood Park Hotel have recently concocted alongside a range of other durian pastries.

I haven’t eaten durian in years and this seemed like a less intimidating re-introduction to the fruit since it was cold and it seemed like ice cream, so I held my breathe and took a bite. It was actually really good! The durian was cold and creamy and the pastry and the crumble and pastry crust added an additional crunch and buttery dimension. I liked them but durian snobs might insist that it is adulterated, whatever the case, I say if it is good, eat it. So i guess that might mean I might start eating durian again.


Blogger Amanduh said...

Oh! Hooray! Your mother must be really pleased to hear that!

10:11 AM  

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