Saturday, April 16, 2005


12 Chun Tin Road
Tel: 64687433

Nosh: French food in the far west end of Singapore. The menu as I was informed by the waiter changes every 3 months and their head chef Jeremy Choo makes an annual pilgrimage to the motherland of gastronomy France to make sure he is in tune with the flavours, the seasons, his supplies and what nots to ensure that he maintains the quality standard in his restaurant. I was feeling rather full for lunch and seeing how I have a relative short attention span, I elected to go with two small appetizers rather than a main course that I would struggle to finish. However, my roving fork did its rounds and tasted everything else that was on everyone’s plate, so I could hand in a well rounded report.

So, starting with me, I had the crayfish frilled and served on a bed of rockmelon with a coulis of fennel and red peppers, following which, I had the foie gras served on rhubarb basked in wild honey and verjus flambé in red wine vinaigrette sauce infused with pink peppercorns, other things I tasted were the garden salad, the pork ribs appetizer and the set dinner. The set dinner wasn’t too bad, it had a vegetable gratin, followed by a soup, and you had a choice between wagyu beef cheeks or a fish (we elected for the wagyu beef) and then it finishes off with a dessert and coffee. I can’t remember what the dessert was called but I remember it had passionfruit ice cream and other things, but the elements didn’t quite work together and so, that left me a little wanting. My courses however were wonderful. The crayfish was wonderful and the sweetness from the rockmelon brought out the taste of the crayfish a little more. The foie gras on the other hand was a little too sweet, the balance was a little missing, I think there needed to be more sourness or tartness or something, because it just tasted too sweet, however, the serving of liver was wonderfully large as I found myself almost struggle to finish it.

The food is generally good. However, it feels a tad too expensive. I won’t mind paying a little more for fantastic food, but there was a lacking in a WOW factor is I had to pay that much and drive to the west for a meal like that.

Pay: S$58 +++ for set dinner, S$40-70+++ and up for 3 courses.

Raves: The service was wonderful, thoughtful and they had wonderful knowledge of what they were serving and they even suggested having the pork ribs with Tabasco sauce which was a brilliant suggestion, because it balanced the sweet glaze. In addition to that, they will remind you to put a parking coupon for your car because the car park attendants are apparently very vigilant in the area. And to top it odd, they also have a rather impressive wine list.


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