Monday, April 11, 2005

Gurkha Palace Restaurant

51 Chander Road
Singapore 219548
Tel: 62924316

This is the first Nepalese restaurant I’ve ever been too and I don’t think it is too different from northern Indian food. I didn’t really taste the difference, they use the same spices and the nuances were not prominent to me. Nonetheless, it was a nice change to look at a foreign menu and the anticipation of trying something new. This little joint had a table of Nepalese next to us which was encouraging knowing that the locals have dined here, and hence giving this place a half-stamp of authenticity.

It is a small place so you have to meander and suck your stomach in as you walk past tables and as you squeeze into your chair. They serve you pappadums first and they were nice enough to refill our basket as we mindlessly chomped away on it while milling over the menu. As we were foreign to the menu, we tried to get some help from the waiter and the waitresses for recommendations who weren’t really forthcoming and hence weren’t as much help.

Kukhura makkhani

Nosh: The menu is split into a Nepalese and a Northern Indian section, today we confined ourselves to the Nepalese section and decided to try the kukhura Makkhani (boneless tandoori chicken cooked with tomatoes, cream and mild spices) this was an interesting alternative to the usual tandoori chicken but it was a little too rich and heavy for me. Nonetheless, I was impressed at how they managed to create such a sauce and yet not compromise on the taste of the tandoori chicken which you can taste through the thick sauce. We also had Gurkhaili Lamb (grilled lamb with Nepalese spices and sautéed in chili sauce) the sauce was a little too spicy and they served us mutton instead. The last two dishes that we had were Tareko maccha (marinated fish in Nepalese herbs and deep fried) and mismas takri (mixed vegetables cooked Nepalese style). The fish was disappointing but the vegetables were nicely done and we mopped up the sauces and curries with a basket a naan.

Pay: About S$10 a person.

Raves: Inexpensive place for a lunch if you are around the corner.

What I rather forget: my journey to the bathroom where I witnessed the waiter making the lassi next to the toilet entrance.


Anonymous Maria said...

I think I found the best blog ever!

Reviews and receipies rock my boat big time and here you have it, down to detailed perfection! :)

Your pics are really very palate-teasing-apettite-whetting too..

Staying tuned;

10:14 AM  

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