Sunday, April 17, 2005

Nara Japanese Restaurant

167 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307619
Tel: 62566568

Joining the company of two other Japanese restaurants in the same area, I think Nara would be able to hold its own.

Nosh: Pretty value for money bento sets, I had a S$25 sushi bento set which had a selection of sushi, California roll and kappa maki, tempura, charwamushi, a small serving of vegetables, miso soup, cha soba, and a choice between stir-fired beef and teriyaki chicken. In addition to that, they will serve you a complimentary appetizer and fruits at the end of the meal (or maybe they come with the bento). Anyhow, there is more than enough to eat, that I thought I was going to pop as I nibbled on my fruit finale. The sushi bento is probably good if you can’t decide what you want to eat, I was alternating from square to square, so that I could have different flavours in my mouth which was probably what kept me eating till the last bite.

The food is good, the fish is fresh, it looked fresh, didn’t smell funky and didn’t taste funky, so it was good. In addition to that, the grilled cod fish that I pinched off someone else’s plate was wonderfully done, not overcooked and the sweet sauce that it was grilled with made it a tasty delight. All in all I would say, it’s a pretty good place, and you’ll be surprised when you realize how small the kitchen as you walk out of the main door.

Pay: Bento sets (only for lunch) are between S$15 – S$35, set dinner is S$50 +++, a-la carte would set you back about S$35-S$40 a person.

Raves: I love the interior deco, it simple but very elegant layout with clean lines and a nice water element, and the soothing music that you might not notice gives this place a nice cozy but elegant feel.

Room for improvement: The timing for their dishes was a little off, since my bento only arrived when my eating partners were already halfway through theirs.


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