Monday, April 11, 2005

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Pao

#04-27 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Tel: 62381661

I was so hungry that i only took a picture of my half eaten La Mian with minced meat and mushroon sauce.

Crystal Jade has taken Singapore by storm. With its constant expansion and it appearing all over our tiny tiny island, it never ceases to amaze me that despite the many outlets, there is always a queue! Despite my hatred for queues, I like many others will subject myself to taking a queue number from them and then obediently hang around the entrance for the restaurant and would wait patiently for them to holler for my number.

From my own analysis and the valuable critical thinking skills that NUS has been trying to impart to me has left me to conclude this. The restaurant is successful because, firstly it has got its pricing right. It isn’t cheap, but it is affordable Chinese food that you can have especially in Orchard road. Secondly, the food is consistently good, when you walk in the restaurant, you know you are going to get. If you have ordered their xiao long bao before and you return and order the same thing, you are going to get what you had the last time. I know I return because I like the food as a returning customer, I usually go there knowing what I am going to order. Its one of the restaurants that I’ll go to if I can’t think of anywhere new to go to, and I know I won’t be disappointed.

Nosh: La mian and xiao long bao are their regular specalities. But there are tones of other things that you can try on their menu. The double-boiled chicken soup is a fabulous consommé. One of my favourite things that I usually always order when I’m here is their deep fried eel, it is crispy and its got a sweet and tangy sauce coating which are just great morsels to pop into your mouth. If you have to have a sweet ending, the egg white puff dessert is nice. It’s light and has a lovely banana and red bean filling that should ooze out on your first bite. Hmm… writing about this place makes me want to go there for lunch today.

Pay: S$15-S$20 a person, la mian serving is about S$9-S$12, but you should be able to share one so you can order other things to amuse stomach with.

Raves: haven’t been disappointed yet, consistently good!

What I rather forget: The wait outside the restaurant.


Blogger Rai said...

hi... was browsing for restaurants when i noticed ur site. u seem to be quite a food expert =) would you care to post a list of all your fav restaurants?

- F&B newbie

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