Monday, February 28, 2005

No. 3 Crab Delicacy – Seafood Restaurant

256 Outram Road
Singapore 169059
Tel: 63272148

I personally think that it is rather curious that this place calls itself No.3 because the address of the shop isn’t 3 Outram Road, and any shop with aspirations of being number 1 would name itself that isn’t it? The only plausible guess I could make was that it had 3 crab specialties – Claypot crab with bee hoon, curry crab and cold crab. I however tried none of those this trip here. I had the pepper crab instead, mainly because our resident crab eater cum expert, also know as the mother said that the pepper crab here is as good as our favourite stall and we don’t have to queue here and that secondly the last time she tried the curry crab, she didn’t really like it.

So what do I think about this place? I was impressed by the service, mind you this isn’t some posh restaurant where I do expect good service, but I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service, the good knowledge on their menu and Mr. Thomas Lim who served us was friendly and gave good recommendations. The food was pretty good, we had a vegetable dish of tofu strips with ginko nut which also served on a bed of braised cabbage and they complemented each other pretty well. Along with that, we had the hokkien mee which I thought tasted better than the one I had at the hokkien restaurant, black pepper crab and also rojok chicken with is very interesting and something you should try when you come here, especially if you like rojak. I think what I find interesting about these two dishes is the way they combine flavours and so recommend this place. Plus, if you really like crab, this place boosts of about 7-10 different ways of preparing it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happened to come across your write up on this "No. 3 Crab Delicacy – Seafood Restaurant"

Did you went back to dine again since 2005?

Is it still there? I'm curious and if it's still there?

Your feedback would be appreciate.


3:56 PM  

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