Sunday, January 30, 2005

Taste of Thailand - Zhi Char with a Thai Accent.

Taste of Thailand
Sembawang Shopping Centre
604, Sembawang Road,
#04-05, Singapore 758459
Tel: 67589121

If you are looking for thai-thai food, this isn’t the place for you. This is more of a Thai-Chinese restaurant which has a hint of Thailand. The menu has the usual Thai dishes such as pineapple rice and tom yum soup, but if you are looking for more authentic Thai dishes such as green curry, papaya/green mango salad and things like that, they don’t have it here. I think that this is more of a zhi-char place with a sprinkling of Thai flavours or maybe it is Thai food with a very local interpretation.

Nonetheless, the food here is rather good, everything I ordered was rather interesting and I think what is best about this place is the price. We had lunch here for S$33 which overfed 3 of us. We over-ordered thinking that the small sized dishes would be small, but they are rather generous portions. Somehow when I was eating here, I thought back of a day when I was craving some spicy food in the Netherlands and had a plate of phad thai for something like 10 euros, imagine the amount I could have ordered me in this little restaurant.

Deep Fried Fish with Chili Sauce

The seafood tom yum soup was a tad too spicy for me that I only took a sip and I decided that it was too much for me. The sweet potato leaves vegetable dish and the sautéed pork with ginger was rather good too. Other than that, we had pineapple rice and deep fried cuttlefish and fried fish with the special chili sauce. For me, the highlight was the fried fish, I’ve watched cooking programmes and they talk about how deep frying gives a special texture to your food, and I think I finally understood what it meant today with the deep fried fish that they served us. What is fun about this is that you can slowly munch and crunch away at the fish till its fins and the chili sauce is a nice complement to it, not too hot, a little sweet and a slight hint of sourness. I think if there are young children who don’t eat fish but love their deep fried foods, this might be the best way to start them on eating fish, it’s fun too since I think the best way to tackle this fish at the end if with your hands. All in all, this place isn’t too bad, its pretty decent food at a very reasonable price, it is a little far though, but if you around the area, this might be a good pit stop.


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