Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kitchen Experiments: Steamboat sauces

If we have learnt anything about the French about cooking it is sauces. For dinner today, we decided to have a little steamboat cum Shabu-shabu. With steamboats, I think everything is in the stock you use and everything is in the sauces you have.

My duty was to dish out sauces, so this was the selection that I laid out:

From left to right: Shabu-Shabu sauce with ground sesame seeds, my asian concoction, Homemade miso sauce and Chincalok Chili

My favourite: Homemade Miso Sauce.
(I can’t give you the exact measurements because I’m usually too lazy to measure)

About a teaspoon of red miso paste
Tablespoon of ground sesame
Splash of Mirin
Splash of Sake
Enough Warm water to melt down the miso paste

Try it. Its now my favourite steamboat sauce.


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