Saturday, October 23, 2004

the Grrrreat GARIBALDI.

36 Purvis Street, #01-02
Singapore 188613
Tel: 68372468

Our friends have been commenting that this is probably one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore so we decided to go there for lunch. The al-carte menu looked really interesting and they have a degustation type menu for $98+++ per person. But seeing how it was lunchtime, we decided to try to set lunch menu instead.

The ambience of the restaurant is nice, the dark walls makes it intimate but yet it isn’t too stuffy that you have to watch your ever move at the table. Service was not too impressive initially since I had to wait for 5 minutes just to get an answer to my simple question, “Excuse me, would you be able to tell me what the soup of the day is?” Seriously, for a restaurant of such high standings, you would expect ANY waiter to have the answer. But we were soon pacified with a delightful serving of parmesan cheese bread, and so since our mouths were distracted, we stopped complaining and we excused the waiter. Service later was prompt, but not fantastic.

Roast Veal with tuna sauce

There are probably enough options on the set lunch menu ($26+++) to satisfy everyone. I had a porcini soup for starters among the other choices of roast veal with tuna sauce and a salad. The soup was good, but my roving fork also poked at my brother’s veal which was really really interesting for the tongue. They served very thin slices of veal with a creamy tuna sauce, imagine that! I’ve never had tuna sauce, as strange as it sounds it tastes really good together. As an entrée I had the grilled tuna served on a bed of mashed peas and capsicum sauce. I don’t like peas. But I gave peas a chance this time. The harmony of the dish was good, I would have never eaten the mash peas on its on, but the slight bitterness in the peas went nicely with the tuna and the sauce. There were pretty good sweet endings too, we were served a panna cotta and coffee or tea which was a nice finishing touch.

All in all, the food was good. I can’t wait for the return visit to explore the other options on the menu.

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