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FBD 2007 – Not Just Another Meal

Good food makes a fine meal, but put that with good company and that’s an experience. The strange and fun thing about the annual Food Bloggers’ Event is that it is like a mass blind date with familiar strangers. You think you know them because you’ve read their blogs – their food preferences or if they have been travelling but you have no idea how they look like. The wonderful thing about food is that it has got a special way of connecting people. Deals are made over power lunches and well, friendships over food blogger events.

This Food Bloggers’ Dinner was comparatively HUGE. On hindsight, maybe I won’t have volunteered my services this year if I had known that it was going to be so big and there were more logistics involved than the first one we had. We had a grand total of thirty-one people who showed up – thank you all for coming!

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Photo of jasmine tea perfumed duck consommé with foie gras tortellini by Samuel from

The food was delicious. My favourite was the jasmine tea perfumed duck consommé with foie gras tortellini, which was a really exciting experiment that we worked out with FIJI Water was delightful. The flavours hit you in waves, first the duck, second when you bite into the foie gras and then a subtle after note of jasmine, very exhilarating. The pasta, well there are only three words, I Love It. Confession: I childishly told Chef over the phone when he was telling me that he was including my favourite pasta in the menu, ‘of course chef, if you don’t include it, I won’t be your friend anymore!’ I liked the fish as well, I’m glad that Chef did not serve a sea bass or a cod but something rather more unusual like the whiting, this was really yummy as well. To sum it up, I really enjoyed dinner but I’ll refer you to the other blogs for more details on the food.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to the many very generous partners that sponsors gifts for our lucky draw and who made it all possible. Razorsharp, who if you attended last year’s dinner would know that they had sponsored Kasumi knives that I personally love very much, sponsored us for the second consecutive year with their new line of Mario Batali products such as the Dutch oven, lasagne pan and a super duper sharp knife made from Hitachi steel. FIJI Water had also sponsored the water for the night - I like their water, it is soft and has a very clean taste - and the water of the absolutely gorgeous jasmine tea perfumed duck consommé with foie gras tortellini. EDM books for sponsoring three beautiful books – At the Table of Jim Thompson, New Chinese Cuisine and The Oriental Hotel Cookbook. Cathay Photos who sponsored gift vouchers and the essential photo-blogging tool the ColorVision Monitor Syder. The Cellar Door and GreenGrocer who generously sponsored gift vouchers. The Les Amis Group for extending the invitation to one very lucky food blogger to preview their soon-to-be-opened-renovated flagship restaurant, Les Amis. who joined us and co-sponsored with Coriander Leaf a cooking class for two. 2AM dessertbar, a dessert and wine bar that is opened by a fellow food blogger, Janice who will be hosting 2 for a tasting of her sweet offerings. Last but not least, the team at Le Papillon – the tireless wait staff, the cooks behind the hot stoves and ovens and Chef for agreeing to assist in hosting this year’s dinner and acceding to my numerous requests and last minute cancellations.

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Blogger DEe said...

Oh Joone! But you did a wonderful job with the Dinner! I really did enjoy it. And I have to say, we seemed to enjoy the same things, the consomme and the fish. Amazing right? I loved the jasmine scent that hit me after the rich fois gras flabour. and the pasta texture was perfect! brilliant... Sigh... i'm just looking forward to next year :D

7:26 PM  
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