Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giro Giro

The space at Giro Giro looks cool. The food here is a modern take on kaiseki (same structure less fuss), and much like its space – an old building that kept most of its old structure but now has a buzzing kitchen in the centre of it – it has a bit of old, a bit of new and together it has funk. All in all, it is delicious keiseki food that is chic and accessible to most people without breaking the bank.

Dinner Menu from 23 Nov 2011

Platter of amuse bouche, tofu, abalone with miso, potato with squid guts, egg custard with burdock, prawns with goma, pumpkin with brown tea, seaweed with miso and ume

cod roe and seaweed tempura in a red radish soup

smoked salmon and oyster sashimi

smoked a la minute at the table, there is just enough smoke for flavor but not over power the raw ingredients.

grilled hamachi in white miso, with daikon and ginger, onion and yuzu and pickled apple

crab tofu, crab soup and mushroom

Tonjiro of pork and clam soup

Kimedai with tea

Pumpkin with bitter tea sauce, chestnut ice cream, black sesame mochi filled with sweet red bean, yasahashi with cinnamon and filled with pickled apple and blue cheese

Giro Giro
420-7 Nanba-cho, Nishi Kiya-machi-dori
Higashigawa, Matsubarashita, Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto, Japan
Tel: +81-(75)343-7070

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