Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yat Lok

We ducked into this hole-in-the wallish place for some roast goose for dinner today. It really isn’t that dingy, it is just seems that way comparatively to the neighbouring much publicised multileveled Yung Kee. In all fairness, I am not anti-Yung Kee, it is just that I’ve had good and bad experiences so I’m still undecided on how I feel about the place. Just as a personal opinion, I much preferred eating here at Yat Lok, it feels more honest and cozier.

The roast goose was really good. The meat drumstick was amazingly fork tender but the skin was still crisp, really good. We ordered half a goose which was great, because we had the meaty pieces to enjoy the rich taste of the meat and the more skin to meat ratio pieces that were fabulous with slurps of noodles. I’ll have to go back for the char siew and bowl of the roasted goose leg in noodles.

Yat Lok
G/F 28 Stanley Street
Central, HK