Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Korean Twist: Fried Chicken & Makgeolli

Chicken wings are a really great bar food. Part of its appeal is the hands-on experience you get eating it. The chicken wing has a high skin to meat ratio makes the chicken wing seem like a choice cut. The structure of the chicken wing also sets itself up to be ideal finger food: the wing tip is a natural grip handle as you gnaw through at the wing. And the drumsticks, well, maybe that’s where man got the idea of having meat on sticks.

So what about fried chicken done in a Korean style? From what I understand, the chicken is lightly dredged in flour and twice fried till a lovely golden crisp and then lacquered with sauce. With a great sauce these crisp chicks are dangerously delicious and awfully addictive.

Unlike most of the Korean restaurants that tend to focus on BBQ, Kko Kko Nara is a small mom and pop Korean shop that has carved out its niche in Korean fried chicken and as a late night dining option.

The draw of the place is obvious from its cute plump looking chicken that it has chosen for its logo. Their fried chicken comes in three flavours: original - without sauce, with a soy garlic sauce or a sweet spicy sauce. Of the three, the clear winner is the soy garlic and just a word of caution, I had a singular piece of super spicy ones and that was more pain than pleasure.

The clincher of the night, however, was the discovery of draft makkoli. Makgeolli or makkoli – an unfiltered rice wine that is very much like a nigori sake but lower in alcohol and sweet and refreshing with the gentle effervescence. (This is one of the best things I’ve tasted this year!)

There are other gems on the menu such as the bo ssam, which is now synonymous with David Chang and Momofuku, is also absolutely delicious and accompanied by not just crisp lettuce and perilla but a variety of green leaves to mix things up a little. And the rest of what I had was a bit of hit and miss.

The menu is not for the solo-eater, it is designed for drinks and socialising. The normal-sized portions feed a minimum of three to four, so bring friends and drink some draft makkoli!

Kko Kko Nara
57 Tras Street #01-01
Tel: 6224 -8186



Anonymous Christine said...

I like also the Korean style chicken wings. I found a good recipe in Foodista. Thanks for this blog. It's worth reading.

Maybe i'll see you at the International Food Blogger Conference, have you heard about it?

2:37 AM  

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