Sunday, March 02, 2008

WFSKFHSH - Fish Steamboat!

Whampoa Food Street Keng Fish Head Steamboat House

556 Balestier Rd
Tel: 9769-4451

116/118 Rangoon Road
Tel: 9023-2854

I was first introduced to this steamboat last year through one of the Makankaki’s session and I instantly fell in love with it.

The past few days of rain have got me craving for some soothing hot soup. My favourite place at the moment to slurp and to warm up is Whampoa Food Street Keng Fish Head Steamboat House aka WFSKFHSH. There they prepare a rustic charcoal heated steamboat filled with fresh fish slices, yam, vegetables and a stock that is unbelievable well flavoured and delicate – we suspect it is a good mix of fish bones and a load of ti po (dried sole fish).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol! wfskfhsh short form for such a long name. hahaha

1:12 AM  

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