Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Flog Exchange: Pairings!

* In case you haven't seen this on hinata's blog

Sorry for the delay as some peopl needed a bit more time to get back to us... but here we go, the moment you've all been waiting for!

Below are the pairings for the Christmas Flog Exchange. You'll each be getting an e-mail from hinata and I providing you with the contact e-mail and address of the person who's wish you'll be fulfilling - do get in touch directly to arrange how to exchange gifts! Sorry if some of us couldn't get first choice wishes, it was difficult to match everyone up exactly :) For detailed wish descriptions, please refer to previous post.

1. Brenda's wish for Mexican/Jewish delights will be fulfilled by Hinata!

2. Cheryl's wish for dark chocolate will be fulfilled by Nadnut!

3. Nadnut's wish for personalized cupcakes will be fulfilled by Mia!

4. Umami's wish for a surprise will be fulfilled by Jasmine!

5. Viviene's wish for Christmas goodies will be fulfilled by Umami!

6. Samuel's wish for chocolates will be fulfilled by Viviene!

7. Jasmine's wish for strawberry shortcake will be fulfilled by SuperFineFeline!

8. Callen's wish for German chocolate cake will be fulfilled by Vivien Teng!

9. SuperFineFeline's wish for chocolate cake baked by Cheryl will be fulfilled by Cheryl!

10. LeRoy's wish for macarons will be fulfilled by joone!

11. Mia's wish for risotto with truffles / Isetan vouchers for o-toro will be fulfilled by Callen!

12. Ivan's wish for a t-shirt will be fulfilled by Samuel!

13. Joone's wish for a serving plate will be fulfilled by Ivan!

14. Hinata's wish for Japanese confectionery will be fulfilled by LeRoy!

15. Viviene Teng's wish for chawanmushi cups will be fulfilled by Brenda!

Do post up on your gift and giver, or even your meeting session! It would be fun to see what ideas everyone came up with and how they turned out :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Blogger superfinefeline said...

Does Santa think I'm naughty? Is that why I ain't getting no gift? :(

12:04 AM  

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