Monday, June 05, 2006

Posh Nosh

UE Square, #01-22
Tel: 6235-1778

I’ve always liked sandwiches for its simplicity and potential for its endless possibilities. Stacked and stuffed with multiple ingredients or a clean clear taste of cheese on crusty bread, I’ll eat them all. So it is needless to say I was thrilled when I found another sandwich shop option in our predominately rice eating culture city state.

At Delicatessen, the food philosophy is concise and clear: we are dedicated to quality ingredients and food. This gourmet deli has a small selection of sandwiches and salads that have been designed by the owner, with the end purpose of taste and textural experience. The sandwiches, a country bread with parma ham, parmesan cheese, diced tomatoes, char grilled mushrooms, rocket, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a brioche, with foie gras, apples and truffles, we had did incite such a reaction--a crunch/squish (depending on your bread) and mmm…yummy! Its one of those places that I feel I could have lunch here almost every other day.

Lionel Textier’s, the proprietor, passion for fine foods is endless. His sandwiches are a good place to start, but once you’ve moved beyond the first page of his menu, the other pages of his menu exposes more culinary gems such as artisanal cheeses by Ceneri (a family-owned cheese producer) and exquisite Balik Salmon (exquisite smoked salmon, which recipe originates from the court of the Russian Tsar) and quality Valrhona hot chocolate. I’m slowly trying to taste my way through the menu and to learn about these intriguing products.

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Blogger Tym said...

I work at UE Square. I have to rein in the impulse to eat at Delicatessen or Epicurious (a few minutes away, at The Quayside) every day!

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

like your blog lots. Just thought you might like to note it's Valrhona, not Valhorna. And there's this absolutely gorgeous new chocolate brand called Ameidei from Italy - which apparently opened because of a feud they had with Valrhona. And that ends the interesting but useless bit of trivia for the day.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to double post - just realised Ameidei may not exactly be new exactly. But it's still delicious!

9:14 PM  
Blogger joone! said...

hey nic, double thanks for stopping by and pointing out my typo error. I don't think i've tasted Ameidei yet though.. any idea where?

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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