Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When Ken met Kylie

Two popular TV chefs met in my kitchen last weekend. I was flipping through my cook books looking for inspiration and brainstorming for an appetiser/pre-dinner nibble for a friend’s dinner party last weekend when I came across Ken Hom’s Braised Fusion Mushroom with Herbs recipe. Having recalled that this dish is rather simple to put together and was well received, if I could use apply this recipe in a different manner. Thankful for cable TV and my borderline TV junkie behaviour, I decided to use Kylie Kwong’s mushroom tart hors d’oeuvre idea that I watched on TV a week or so ago. Ken and Kylie, two common household TV chef names, were then married in my kitchen to produce my Asian mushroom tarts.

Asian Mushroom Tarts
Serves 8

500 g shiitake
100 g oyster mushrooms
200 g enoki mushrooms
200g button mushrooms
3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 Tbsp coarsely chopped garlic
2 tsp salt
1 tsp five spice powder
4 Tbsp shao hsing wine
4 tsp light soy saue
2 tsp sugar
50ml double cream
3 chopped spring onions
Tart pastry cups

Slice the button mushrooms.

Heat oil in a wok. Add garlic and stir-fry for 15 seconds. Then add the salt and pepper and all the mushrooms with the mushroom liquid and stir-fry them for 2 minutes.

Add Shao Hsing, soy sauce and sugar and continue stir-frying for 5 minutes or until the mushroom liquid has been reabsorbed by the mushrooms or evaporated.

Give the mushrooms a few stirs, transfer to a plate.

Fill pastry cups with mushroom mixture, sprinkle with spring onions and serve at once.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi hi, great recipe you got there. Reminds me of the tarts I eat at Royal Copenhagen for high tea. May I know where you get those pastry cups from?

8:49 AM  
Blogger shaz said...

hi hi. sounds good! but the button mushrooms gave off a grey tinge, didnt they?

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Looks scrumpy! I'm a mushroom fan. Would love to sink my teeth in it.

9:11 PM  

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