Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dharma’s Kebabs - Yum yum in my tums.

39 Boat Quay
Singapore 049834
Tel: 65369722

If you are craving for some good grub after a night out, this place is open to late and is strategically located along side the watering holes at boat quay. There is something magical about street food, maybe because it seems to capture the essence of food. I love dining out at restaurants and getting all dressed up for a night of being served art on plate, but sometimes restaurants get too caught up with the presentation that the very essence gets lost. Street food on the other hand is stripped down to its bare essence, without the frills, it is focused on food and food alone. In addition to that, you don’t have to get dressed and it is inexpensive! So after reading Gourmet Magazine May 2005 which focused on street food, I was craving for a kebab and managed to convince everyone else to have dinner at Dharma’s!

Mixed Platter (from left bottom corner moving clockwise): Falafels, curry fries, onion bhajis, chicken tikka, beef tenderloin and shish kebab

Nosh: A variety of kebabs – chicken tikka, beef tenderloin, shish kebab, tandoori prawn and if you are vegetarian, they have falafels and onion bhajis. All kebabs come with a curry fries and a refreshing mint sauce and a mild curry sauce. I think they probably have the best kebabs in Singapore, tender meats, great sauces and a fluffy bread make an excellent combination and so far everyone who I have brought here haven’t had much to complain about.

However, my hunt to satisfy my kebab/street food craving, we decided to have their mixed platters which feeds 3-4 people comfortably. This is excellent if you have enough people and can’t decide what to have. We had the mixed platter B which consisted of – chicken tikka, beef tenderloin, shish kebab, curry fries, falafels and onion bhajis and an additional order of garlic naan. The onion bhajis were surprisingly really really nice! I never had them and they are a mix of onions and chickpeas. The beef tenderloin was nice and juicy, the curry fries were delightful (I think I could eat a whole plate by myself with the curry sauce!). The falafels were disappointing, they tasted a little flat and herbless that it just tasted like really tasteless chickpeas. However, that probably won’t stop me from coming back to eat the other delicious things on the menu.

Pay: S$8–S$15 for kebabs and mixed platters range from S$25-S$45.

Raves: I love their curry fries with the milk curry sauce that won’t blow your head off but has enough of a bite. It is perfect post-night out grub.


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