Saturday, April 30, 2005

Teri’s Charcoal Teriyaki

205 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574345
Tel: 62562008

This eatery has been around for a few years although I cannot quite remember when it first opened. It has however gone through a management change and the Japanese man (whom might have been the original Teri) isn’t behind the grill anymore. The menu has not changed much but the teriyaki chicken salad did look slightly different today.

Nosh: Choice of meats and seafood that you can have charcoal grilled, sushi, sashimi, bentos and the usual stuff. I had a bento today, which was reasonably priced and it had tempura, sushi, sashimi, zaru soba and a miso soup. The sushi however almost seemed warm which was bordering on gross because it gives you the impression that the sushi was sitting there for a long time while they prepared everything. The sashimi however was better, nothing tasted stale, but I think leaving the fish in the fridge for a longer period of time would have been definitely a better choice. So the bento set might be a little iffy is they contain sushi or sashimi. However, that being said, I highly recommend the teriyaki chicken salad. If you ever come here, you MUST order this. The teriyaki sauce is lovely with the wonderful bed of vegetables that the grilled chicken sits on. If you have to share, share, but if this is the only item you order, you might want to consider jealously guarding it for yourself.

Pay: S$10 for the salad which is a meal by itself, or their sets start at S$12-S$20.50, if you do order a-la-carte, budget about S$20-S$25 a person for a variety of charcoal grilled delights.

Raves: The salad is really wonderful and reasonably priced Japanese food.

Room for improvement: Warm raw fish for sushi is just not right.


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