Monday, April 04, 2005

Lam’s Prawn and Crab Noodles

97 Rangoon Road
(not open on Mondays)

Nosh: Wonderful crab noodles that won’t break the bank. They will serve you a whole small mud crab for a single order of special steamed crab mee hoon. Along with that they will serve you a richly flavoured prawn based soup. In the same kopitiam, they have a rojak and popiah stall which isn’t too bad and if you are greedy, it is a nice appetizer for you and your eating people to pick at while waiting for you tasty crab to arrive.

Pay: S$10 per serving of special steamed crab mee hoon.

Raves: I get a whole crab and a wonderful soup!

What I rather forget: The lard pieces that were floating around in my soup. (but you can pick them out.)


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