Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fisherman Wharf – Just Fish and Chips

27 New Bridge Road
Tel: 65326468

I missed the old harry ramsden fish and chips stall that we used to have in the east which has closed down about 5 years ago. I’m not even a big fish and chips fan, but once in a while, it is great to get some in your belly – simply, deep fried goodness. I mean after a while, all the real healthy food tends to taste bland, so you indulge a little and swear to start dieting tomorrow again. Anyhow, the malt vinegar is what really does it for me, I think it’s the malt vinegar that draws me to the fish and chips more than anything, and this shop has got its priorities right, on every table there is a bottle of ketchup, chili sauce and malt vinegar.

The not so posh nosh: Fish and chips, and chicken bites. Other than that, you might only be able to get a soft drink (soda), beer or water here. The process here is simple you have to make 3 decisions. Firstly you have to choose what fish you want in the batter – Monkfish, dory, snowfish, cod, saithe loin or sole. Following which, you’ll have to decide if you want chips or French fries. Lastly, you’ll need to decide on what extra sauces you want besides the basics they provide on the table and you have curry mayo, honey mayo or tartare. I like mine unadulterated, and I still haven’t picked up the Dutch habit of having frites with mayo and so I had mine with ketchup and the wonderful malt vinegar.

Pay: Cream Dory starts S$6.50 and I think the most expensive is the monkfish or cod which goes up to S$16.50.

Raves: Fish and chips, fish and chips, fish and chips.

What I didn’t like: The hot afternoon sun, you’ll have to sweat it out here, the lack of air conditioning means that if you are here for lunch in a suit, well, good luck.


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