Friday, April 01, 2005

Brewerkz Restaurant and Microbrewery

30 Merchant Road
Singapore 058282
Tel: 64387438

I hardly qualify as an alcoholic but I love the feeling of exhilaration that you get from swallowing the cold, golden, bubbly liquid our hot weather. The feeling was further amplified today as a group of us trotted down to this microbrewery on this Friday afternoon after surviving a month of endless assignments, sleepless nights and fast-approaching deadlines. I love having a beer at the end of a hard day, drinking puts you in a different mood and maybe it is the coldness, maybe it is the bubbles that make me happy, but by association, it puts me in a different mood, or maybe it is just the alcohol at work.

Anyhow, this is a wonderful place to come in the afternoons, you get a wonderful range of beers which are brewed on location and most of them are rather delightful. My favourite is the Kolsch. When I drink it, it brings back memories of the time when I was introduced to this seductive ale at microbrewery that a German friend brought me to in Cologne, Germany. Coming in the afternoons has its wonderful perks, namely their ludicrous lunch happy hour – S$10 a jug, which ends at 3pm and is kicked off with their tea time happy hour – S$15 a jug, which stretches to 6pm. Come with good friends and you should leave really happy after an afternoon of having a drink and glazing at the Singapore river; I did.


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