Monday, March 07, 2005

Saint Julien: Meet Chef Julien Bompard

3 Fullerton Road
The Fullerton Water Boathouse
Singapore 049215
Tel: 65345947

The French food here prides itself on being classic French and aims to recreate the “Bourgeoise” cuisine of Paris. My lunch however did not feature the heavy sauces that I usually associate French cuisine with, rather it was light which I was rather thankful for, if not I might have just fallen asleep at the desk after lunch.

I had the set lunch or as they term it – Gourmet Déjeuner which is priced at S$52+++

The set menu changes regularly (almost fortnightly), and so if you are curious about what’s on offer, you can check their website:

European Cheese Platter

For appetizers there was a choice between a smoked salmon, salad and a duck liver which I choose. The duck liver was pan seared and served with a sweet and sour sauce with shallots. The duck liver was good, maybe I’m biased for my love of that food, but it wasn’t overcooked and the sauce and the bitterness from the greens that was served with it was a good complementary. Following that you get a consommé that is stylishly served from a teapot, this however was terrible, the elements of the consommé did not blend well, the consommé lacked depth and I had individual flavours of the soup, tomatoes and tasteless sesame seeds in my mouth. The cod fish that I had after that was redeeming, as the cod was gently cooked, and the tapenade and the medley of vegetables that it was served with brought out the flavours of the cod fish nicely. I finished every bit of my fish, and I was feeling really full, but when my platter of European cheeses was presented to me, my stomach somehow found the space to fit those wonderful tasty morsels.

What I like about this place is that it has rather good service, but they do not serve tap water. They turned their noses on me when I said I wanted tap/normal water with a retort, “I don’t serve normal water.” Other than that, the service was efficient and friendly and it improved after that moment, but I have my doubts on the genuine friendly service that they pride themselves on since a there was a VIP table next to me and so there seemed to be an air of pretence around me. However, that being said, there are other bits of the restaurant that I liked, the cheese trolley that they have implies that they have a pretty good cheese range in relative terms to the other restaurants in Singapore. They also serve you Mignardises (small sweet cake things made out of almond flour) and truffles with your coffee and tea which rounds off the meal rather nicely. They have also started a small section in front of the main dining area of the restaurant and it is called La Tartine, which is a cheese and wine bar where you can get oysters and lots of cheese.

As a personal observation and a friendly piece of advice, if you want to try this restaurant, come here for lunch. The last time I had dinner here, it was really expensive and I think it is probably more value for money if you have a lunch here, and if you really like it, you can try the place out for dinner. Also, make sure you go there prepared to answer if you want sparkling or still, because they will turn their noses on you if you tell them that you just want tap water. It is a sin in this restaurant.


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