Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sabai – “mmmmm.. Saaaabai...”

Takashimaya Shopping Center #04-23

I had a woooooooonderful lunch at this Thai restaurant today. When you walk in you are greeting with a simply but elegantly decorated place and as you walk into the restaurant, you will walk past the dessert buffet spread that is priced at $7.50 per person to ensure that you have some sweet memories of this restaurant.

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Yam Som Oo - Spicy Pomelo Salad

When you open the extensive menu, the first two pages will advice you on how to order or what would constitute a typical thai meal and you can choose to follow their recommendation or I’m sure you could ask the staff to recommend something good. the service here was good, prompt, efficient without being intrusive. The menu also goes all out in explaining the meaning of Sabai. The concise meaning of Sabai is a state of wellness, satisfaction and contentment. This is the raison d’etat of the restaurant to create Sabai.

The food is exquisitely executed which you pay a price for. Dishes range from about S$15 to S$30ish (usually the seafood dishes), but from what I tasted and what I have heard from others, there isn’t anything on the menu that might be below par. We started off the Yam Som Oo – spicy pomelo salad, and it was a opener. Upon my first bite, I whispered “mmmm… Saaaaaaabaaaaaaai” to myself, which was perhaps more audible than I wanted, but it was fabulous. The flavours were perfectly balanced and not too spicy that you tongue is rendered void to taste anything. Following that, we had Pahd Tua Pluu – stir-fried mung beans, Kao kluk gapi – fried rice with shrimp paste, chicken, prawns, egg and served with cucumber and green mango slices and lastly we had, Tawd Gratiam prik tai – fried squid with green pepper corns and something else which slips my mind. We polished our plates, it was fantastic! Unfortunately, this feeling of sabai comes at a price that might not leave all feeling sabai-ish, lunch for 3 of us cost just under S$80.


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