Monday, March 28, 2005

Matsuo Restaurant

1 Newton Road
#01-17 Goldhill Plaza
Singapore 308899
Tel: 63562603
(Not open for lunch on Sundays and public holidays)

I’m proud to announce that I have found another Japanese gem. If you didn’t know about this place, you might think it is another hole in the wall restaurant like I did. On the contrary, it is a wonderful cozy corner. It is a really tiny place that can squeeze about 30 people in with people sitting at the sushi bar and having just enough space for the waitresses to meander around the tables, so if you are going to come, I think you should make a reservation.

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Matsuzuhi Bento

I had the Matsuzushi Bento for dinner which was pretty good value for money. For S$25, you get an assortment of sashimi, sushi, California roll, chawamushi, miso soup and tempura! The sashimi was fresh and absolutely delightful I thought I was going to squeal when the swordfish was melting in my mouth. I also noticed the bald-headed sushi chef that was rather cute looking, or rather the best looking sushi chef I have seen in a while. Another thing that I tried in this restaurant was the teriyaki swordfish which grilled gently to attain the charred taste but keeping the fish moist, two thumbs up! And needless to say, there were quick chatting Japanese people sitting at the sushi bar, and hence my Japanese restaurant theory still stands true.


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