Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Eastern Restaurant

176 Orchard Road
#01-57 Centrepoint
Singapore 238843
Tel: 67362638

This was an unexpected lunch stop which wasn’t too bad and served pretty decent food. As their name suggest, this place specializes in Eastern Chinese cuisine – la mian, jiao zi and xiao long bao. The food wasn’t too bad, service was a little tardy and lunch for 3 cost S$40.

Xiao Long Bao

I’m not a xiao long bao expert, so in my opinion, I thought it was pretty good, comparable to ding tai fung’s; the soup was tasty, the meat was soft, the dumpling skin was soft and not too dry and the folds looked pretty decent although I didn’t count how many they were, so I would say they were pretty good and very comparable to the good Chinese restaurants. I had the crispy noodles with beef and they also serve hor fun and a range of la mian dishes, and if that doesn’t suit you fancy, there is a range of other dishes that you can order like coffee pork ribs and braised eggplant and have them with steamed with rice. The food isn’t too bad, so it was an unexpected find, but I don’t think I’ll jostle through the orchard traffic on the weekends for a meal here.

la mian – hand pulled noodles
jiao zi – dumplings
xiao long bao – soup mince meat dumplings


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